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Election 2020

Election 2020

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Other perspectives

New State House Candidate | A Re-Engaged Republican

Unit web presence: we are currently soliciting input from individuals involved in unit web operations and related business processes (mailing list, donor, volunteer intake). Please share your experiences with us so that we can incorporate your input into the design of new websites which will be provided to RPV units that lack them, and those which wish to upgrade existing unit websites.

Consultants, Party Activists, Campaign Staff: We are creating an index of campaign talent in Virginia as a resource for candidates to find the skills they need to succeed. Please contact us with information about your business and what services you can offer to candidates.

Party Rules Experts: We are seeking rules experts to educate new recruits to the party on how the party operates and how to use the party to express their will.

Legislative Assistance: We have a small but important task that requires the expert eye of a person well-versed in the current legislation being passed by the Democratic House of Horrors.

Let's make 2020 the year that Republicans in Virginia get back on track.

Our objectives early this year are to get started on remediating the online presence gap, and to take account of vacant party positions for the purpose of getting every unit up to full staff. See the Objectives menu for more on these goals.

Let's Roll

When you're ready to rumble and get the Virginia GOP back in the game, contact us. There's more than enough to do for everyone to contribute.