"Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the rest is in the hands of God."

— George Washington

Civil Rights Program

The Virginia Project Civil Rights Program is dedicated to the defense of Constitutional rights, in particular the right to engage in political activity and to petition for redress of grievances.

The Civil Rights Program operates its own Civil Rights Defense Fund, which is dedicated to taking legal action to defend civil rights in the Commonwealth and supporting activities.

For more information contact civilrights@virginiaproject.com.

Loudoun County Incident

As you may be aware, since it has repeatedly been in national and even international news recently, we uncovered a parent-targeting ring connected to an extremist School Board member in Loudoun County, Virginia; its most notable distinction, besides being the wealthiest county in the United States, is the seemingly-weekly national scandals for the antics of the insane left in its government. A great deal of investigation is in process and litigation is presently being prepared.

If you are interested in supporting legal action against the perpetrators in this case, but do not wish to be identified as required in compliance reports, sending a check directly to our legal counsel does not count under law as a contribution to our political action committee and is not subject to reporting. We prefer contributions to our Civil Rights Defense Fund as these can be used for additional activities such as FOIA requests, but we understand that many are concerned with the risk of retaliation from "woke" cults and "woke" employers that appearing on a compliance report may subject them.

To donate to the effort with this method, please send a check with memo "Virginia Project" to:

The Bradfield Injury Law Firm, PC.
11048 Warwick Boulevard
Suite 1B
Newport News, VA 23601-3229