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About The Virginia Project Plan

What is the Virginia Project?

It's an infrastructure-building and information-collection intiative intended to even the playing field for Republicans against a highly organized and modern Virginia Democratic Party which has learned to maximize turnout effectively.

What do you intend to do?

We intend to end hard-left Democratic rule on an ASAP basis. See the mission statement for the outline of the plan.

Why are you doing this?

When the election results came in this year, it became obvious that business that needed to be done to keep Republicans competitive in the state of Virginia was not being done. The results of this business not being done were unacceptable, because some of us who have lived under hard-left state governments, and know that what is coming will not be pretty.

There are millions of Virginians who need to be protected from what is to come. Standing idle while ruin manifests itself upon my friends is not an option.

Why should we follow this plan?

I waited over five years and no one came up with a plan. Now there is literally nothing left to lose - all statewide offices, and full control over the legislature, belong to the Democratic Party. We do not even have a speed bump, to slow down a hard-left Governor with rubber stamp legislators to smooth his way.

This plan may not be the best of all possible plans, but it's a good plan, there are no better options on the table, and continuing on with no plan is not a reasonable path forward. This is a straightforward plan with clear need and clear benefits that can be achived cost-effectively.

About Us

Who are you?

The name I am best known by in Virginia political circles is Alexis Rose Bank. I was the magic ingredient behind the least predicted election result in history - the Cantor-Brat primary outcome - and concurrent extraordinary events, playing roles of webmaster, author, editor, narrative-crafter and coalition-builder. My career background is in enterprise business technology, systems integration, and related operations.

"We" represents all of those who have signed on to the plan to date, and those who will sign on in the future - volunteers, supporters, donors.

Helping The Plan Move Forward

How can I help?

Things are at a really early stage right now and eyes on the ground are needed to identify areas where Republicans can improve performance, with a particular eye towards cataloguing vacant party positions at the county, district, and local levels.

Please see the How You Can Help page for a great many options as to what you can do to help carry out the plan.

I work with the party already, what can I do?

At this time the most important thing to do is recruit, recruit, recruit. Please send notice of any party vacancies - district chairs, precinct captains, executive boards - and we will seek to find appropriate individuals to fill them.

After that, please look at the Objectives menu for » top priorities «.

How do I donate?

If you have money to give, all good-faith donations are welcome. The more money on hand the faster this process can go, and the better the chances of ending Democratic domination over Virgnia's government in one cycle.

Please see the Donate page for ways to donate.