"Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the rest is in the hands of God." — George Washington

Building a 21st Century Virginia GOP


The mission of the Virginia Project is to create the 21st century party infrastructure to compete effectively and roll back Democrat Party influence.

To this end, these are the objectives of the Virginia Project:



The Virginia Project is wholly partisan in favor of the success of the Republicans in Virginia.

However, this project is strictly non-partisan with regards to primaries and other internal GOP affairs.

We do not make policy and candidate decisions - we rely on the will of the people to decide those questions.



The activities of the Virginia Project are confined to the state of Virginia, and Virginia only.

The Virginia Project exists to integrate and assist the Republican Party of Virginia, its constituent members, and other supporting organizations.

The Virginia Project does not intend to duplicate or replace the function of any existing organization. All other GOP organizations and supporters in Virginia are encouraged and welcomed to work with us and to make use of the information, tools, and services we provide..


What We Will and Won't Do

Our primary method is strengthening the Republican Party itself, and therefore we will be focused on information and communications assistance to GOP voters and to unit committees.

We will provide a limited and equal level of candidate support for all state and local Republican candidates.

All Republican candidates will have equal access to our data, and all Republican candidates will indirectly benefit from our party unit support activities.

As the Virginia Project is a state PAC, our ability to "touch" federal elections is strictly limited. However, nothing is stopping us from state-level party building activities that will inure to the benefit of Republican candidates in Virginia generally, including federal candidates.

We choose not to intervene or interfere with any internal party politics, whether they be primaries or policy questions.

We choose not to track Democrats, independents, or third party candidates, other than for the purposes of defeating them, and for drawing comparables for analysis of GOP performance. Our goal is specifically and exclusively to elect Republicans in Virginia and support all activities that share the same end.

We will never spend a dime in opposition to any Republican candidate for public or party office, at any time, for any reason.

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