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Virginia Project News

2019 December

12.17.19 Added Twitter links with status indicators to the County-level units page.

12.16.19 Updated State and Federal Resources page, adding Facebook and Twitter links where available. Also added VA House GOP and VA Senate GOP caucuses as "virtual" statewide-scope units.

12.16.19 Conceding to the reality that Facebook is where much of the intended audience likes to get information, created a Facebook page for the project.

12.15.19 Online donations are now accepted! Thank you in advance for your support.

12.15.19 Moved reference data to new Reference Data page.

12.14.19 Updated the 2020 election tracker with new candidate information, a couple of bug fixes, and Twitter icons.

12.13.19 Moved to a new, permanent host. Basic SSL is now in place.

12.06.19 Updated the Big Board Election Tracker with additional candidates found in the US Senate race and several Congressional races.

12.03.19 Updated GOP-affiliated Organizations page with all the active groups that could be found online.

11.30.19 Updated County Resources page with indicators, website and Facebook links, and more useful sorts.

11.29.19 Added context and detail to the Short-Term Strategy page.

11.27.19 Disclosure details added to donation page.

11.27.19 Objectives have been updated with status. Later objectives are still stubs; 17 days in, some objectives are more time-sensitive than others and those are being pursued first.

11.26.19 The Virginia Project is now officially a Virginia state PAC. You can now donate by check. Online donation processing will be available soon.

11.26.19 Expanded Mission menu to include Principles & Scope.

11.24.19 Annoucing Virginia Project Gadget #1 - the Virginia GOP 2020 Elections Big Board. All the information a Republican needs to know about 2020 elections in the state, in one place.

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2019 November

11.24.19 Annoucing Virginia Project Gadget #1 - the Virginia GOP 2020 Elections Big Board. All the information a Republican needs to know about 2020 elections in the state, in one place.

11.21.19 Updated FAQ to address some questions that have been asked since the previous version.

11.19.19 Published list of Virginia Republican County Unit websites. Published list of county units with no website. Effective website failure rate is 62.5%. Sample testing indicates probable comparable Democratic failure rate of 0%

11.18.19 New Article: Helpful Tips for new Precinct Captains.

11.18.19 Analysis of online presence of county units in progress.

11.17.19 Updated CSV of Magisterial Districts to include single-district counties. This is now a complete list of all Magisterial Districts in Virginia.

11.16.19 Added Resources page for 2020 Federal Candidates.

11.16.19 "Loudoun" is now spelled correctly.

11.16.19 Added downloadable reference CSVs of County-level units and Magisterial Districts. in the state of Virginia.

11.15.19 Many updates today. Resources page became too large and was split into four pages now accessible from the expanded Resources menu.

11.15.19 There are now 11 vacant District Chairman positions identified, and further research is expected to considerably expand the current list.

11.15.19 Remaining objectives have been laid out for further development. See the expanded Objectives menu for details.

11.14.19 - Objectives » Vacancies has been updated. Our primary initial objective is filling party offices.

11.14.19 - Our Suggestion Box is live. We want every scrap of input that you have to give, on how to improve GOP performance in Virginia.

11.14.19 - Our mailing list is live. Please sign up to be kept up to date on the progress and needs of the plan.

11.14.19 - Our web contact form is now live.

11.14.19 - What you can do independently to get the ball rolling right away: Identify and fill party vacancies on executive committees and precinct captains.

11.14.19 - Day 4 of the Virginia Project. First plan objective identified - fill all party positions and bring our ranks up to full strength as soon as possible.