"Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the rest is in the hands of God." — George Washington

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Jul 25, 2022Losing the War in Cyberspace
Jul 2, 2022Preparing to win big again in Virginia in 2023
Mar 1, 2022Mask Freedom Day in Virginia
Feb 14, 20222022 Election Tracker, Candidate Recruitment, & more
Dec 22, 2021Reintroducing The Virginia Project
Nov 30, 2021Because we won
Nov 4, 2021We Did It!
Oct 28, 2021The election is days away
Oct 25, 2021Letter from The Virginia Project Chairman
Oct 21, 2021Lance Allen Joins The Virginia Project
Oct 13, 2021The Plan is Coming Together
Oct 11, 2021DEADLINE to Register to Vote - Tomorrow
Sep 28, 2021If they tell you you've already voted
Sep 1, 2021The Solution to the Woke Left
Aug 26, 2021What can be done about the 2021 election?
Jul 29, 2021Exposing transgender ideology, Dems lose a candidate, and more
Jul 22, 2021Eyes on Every Ballot
Jul 1, 2021House of Delegates Recruitment Update
Jun 29, 2021End of quarter update
Jun 8, 2021House of Delegates updates, Loudoun legal action, and more
May 25, 2021Taking legal action against the CRT cult
May 6, 2021What Texas' elections mean for Virginia
Apr 24, 2021We're fighting for you in Virginia
Apr 10, 2021Investigating Virginia's 2020 Election
Mar 20, 2021Ending the "Woke" Mob Once and For All
Mar 13, 2021They're Not Getting Away With It
Mar 11, 2021Richmond Corruption Update
Mar 2, 2021Announcing the Candidate Services Program
Feb 23, 2021In This Fight Together
Feb 15, 2021Building A 21st Century Virginia GOP