"Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the rest is in the hands of God."

— George Washington

Precinct Strategy in Virginia

Those seeking to execute this strategy in Virginia will encounter some difficulty, as there are no precinct-level unit committees in the Republican Party of Virginia.

The Precinct Strategy

The "precinct strategy", authored in 2009 by Daniel Schultz, is a plan for influencing the Republican Party with grassroots conservatives, using "precinct committees" as the entry point for getting new individuals involved in the GOP, influencing it in a bottom-up manner.

However, if we look at the goals of the precinct strategy, we find them very similar to what we have already been doing in the Commonwealth.

For more on the precinct strategy, see precinctstrategy.com.

For more on the organizational structure of the Republican Party of Virginia, see RPV 101.

Getting Involved in the Republican Party of Virginia

Step 1 - Register to vote

You must be a registered voter to participate in the Republican Party of Virginia. Therefore your first step is to check that your voter registration is current and correct, which can conveniently be done online.

For details on Virginia voter registration please see registering to vote in Virginia, or head directly to the Virginia Department of Elections.

Step 2 - Join your local city or county unit committee

In lieu of joining a nonexistent precinct committee, you should instead seek to join your local GOP unit committee. Local unit committees are county and city committees. Show up, become a member, vote when you have the opportunity to vote, stay in the loop so you have situational awareness and can get involved in party activities.

The first step is to reach out to your local unit committee, and attend the first meeting, at which point experienced participants should be able to orient you further.

To find your local unit commmitee please see RPV City and County Unit Commmitees, or head directly to the Republican Party of Virginia for points of contact.

Step 3 - Sign up as a convention delegate at every opportunity

Party unit committees will often have conventions, as a means of deciding leadership, nominations, or other questions before the committee. Pay attention to the official calls for conventions, then sign up as a delegate to each one that you are able to attend. By attending conventions as a delegate you are able to influence major decisions of the committee that you may not have an opportunity to influence otherwise.

There may be as many as three Republican conventions to attend in any given year - county, Congressional district, and state - attend them all, if you can. Conventions may occur as early as January, and as late as August; the decision is made by the individual committee.

To stay abreast of convention activity in Virginia sign up for our mailing list, and you'll receive timely notice of convention events. In particularly busy convention years we produce a Conventions Tracker (2022 will not be such a year; 2023 is more likely).

How and Why This Works

From the very start, it has been part of our mission to "flood the system with normals" - not necessarily conservatives per se, but people who were previously not involved with party politics in general. This participation formula is now two years old, and has proven effective.

By getting normals involved in large numbers, this provides the resources that unit committees need to be successful, and help to make committees sane, reasonable, professional, and functional.

As our experience in Virginia shows, it is the outreach to normals that produces some of the most effective activists. Bringing them into the system so they can see for themselves what is going on, and empowering them with the tools to make a difference, is all that is needed to turn on the magic in some people. The wider our net, the more of these key difference-makers we will collect.

Normals have every reason to fight the Democrats without needing conservative ideological motivation also, and they outnumber conservative activists 1000-1. It is because we took advantage of this phenomenon, and the vast numbers of previously non-political actors who are now motivated to fight, that we were able to significantly build the ranks of many unit committees in Virginia - quite a few are now as large as they have ever been - in a single statewide cycle.

With humility, we should also acknowledge that normals play an essential role of mitigating the risk of the party being rendered ineffective by unreasonableness or corruption, or losing sight of the purpose of political parties: to win elections and earn majorities of the vote.

The focus should be on stopping the Democrats because Democrats are crazy and dangerous, this is the uniting theme that brings people from all walks of life into the GOP as effective activists against the leftist onslaught against the American way of life.

Created: Feb 13, 2022