"Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the rest is in the hands of God."

— George Washington

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Dec 9, 2021AudioNewsradio 1140 WRVAPost-Election Review w/Lance Allen
Nov 3, 2021PrintAmerican GreatnessVirginia Results Show the Importance of Governing Wisely
Nov 3, 2021AudioNewsradio 1140 WRVAElection Integrity w/Ned Jones
Nov 2, 2021PrintTIMEPoll Watchers Flood Virginia as GOP Raises Doubts About 'Election Integrity'
Nov 1, 2021PrintNPRRepublicans want more eyes on election workers. Experts worry about their intent
Nov 1, 2021AudioJohn Fredericks ShowRich Anderson & Ned Jones Calls into the Godzilla Action Action Action Take Back VA Bus Tour
Oct 25, 2021PrintWashington PostAn army of poll watchers - many driven by GOP's 'election integrity' push - turns out across Virginia
Oct 25, 2021PrintGateway PunditPure Marxism: McAuliffe Supporters Are Posting Signs Promising to "Keep Parents Out of Classrooms" as Campaign Winds Down
Oct 22, 2021AudioNewsradio 1140 WRVAElection Integrity Update w/Ned Jones
Oct 21, 2021VideoOutside the BeltwayElection Integrity w/Ned Jones (Segment starts @15:00)
Oct 14, 2021VideoReal America's VoiceNed Jones on VA Getting Rid of Witness Signatures for Mail-In Ballots
Oct 8, 2021AudioNewsradio 1140 WRVAElection Integrity w/Ned Jones
Oct 8, 2021VideoSecuring America TVWith Carol Swain, David Gordon, Trayce Bradford and Dr. Pierre Kor
Oct 4, 2021VideoOutside the BeltwayTrump Pumps Up Crowd at Take Back Virginia Rally!
Sep 22, 2021PrintWashington Free BeaconSEIU Throws Weight Behind Mail-In Voting
Sep 16, 2021AudioNewsradio 1140 WRVAElection Integrity and Early Voting w/Ned Jones
Aug 18, 2021PrintDaily WireDeleted Comment From Loudoun Enemies List Group Adds To Evidence That School Board Member Misled Police
Aug 5, 2021AudioNewsradio 1140 WRVAElection Integrity Training w/Ned Jones
Jun 13, 2021PrintChristian PostVirginia parent who survived Mao's 'cultural revolution' in China blasts CRT as communist threat
Jun 12, 2021PrintWashington TimesStopping communism one school district at a time
Jun 11, 2021PrintNewsmaxMaoist Refugee Fears Critical Race Theory Threat to US
Jun 10, 2021PrintFox NewsVirginia mom who survived Maoist China eviscerates school board's critical race theory push
Apr 22, 2021AudioNewsradio 1140 WRVAElection Integrity Audit Report with w/Ned Jones
Apr 16, 2021PrintFox NewsVirginia teacher says critical race theory has damaged community as frustrated parents demand changes
Apr 3, 2021AudioJarome Bell Podcastw/Madison Downs, Glenn Davis, Winsome Sears, Vicki Manning, and more
Apr 2, 2021AudioNewsradio 1140 WRVALoudoun County Incident Discussion w/David Gordon
Mar 29, 2021PrintThe FederalistLoudoun County Crazy: Diversity Council Says 'We Can And We Will Silence The Opposition'
Mar 28, 2021PrintDaily Caller'We Can & Will Silence The Opposition': Loudoun County Public Schools Committee Posts, Then Deletes, Call For Action Against Opponents
Mar 17, 2021PrintFox NewsVirginia parents, teachers group accused of 'racketeering,' intimidating conservative parents
Mar 17, 2021PrintDaily Caller'Expose These People Publicly': Parents Against Critical Race Curriculum Listed By Teachers Attempting To 'Infiltrate' Them
Mar 16, 2021PrintDaily WireTeachers Compile List Of Parents Who Question Racial Curriculum, Plot War On Them
Dec 7, 2020AudioNewsradio 1140 WRVAElection Integrity Audit Update w/David Gordon
Nov 30, 2020PrintEpoch TimesGroup Prepares Legal Challenge in Hope of Overturning Senate, House Races in Virginia
Nov 18, 2020PrintLifesite NewsState Senator Alleges Virginia Voter Fraud in Rousing Speech
Nov 13, 2020AudioNewsradio 1140 WRVAElection Integrity Audit w/David Gordon
Feb 6, 2020AudioThe Conservative Enclave w/Roderick ThreatsA deep dive into the why and how of of our PAC, essential to a complete understanding of the nature and objectives of the Virginia Project.