"Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the rest is in the hands of God."

— George Washington

2022 Outlook

Re-Introducing the Virginia Project

The Virginia Project (TVP) is a Virginia-only political action committee (PAC) with specific focus on state-level politics in the Commonwealth.

TVP is a Republican-aligned organization. It is so not out of blind loyalty, but an eyes-wide-open understanding that the GOP is the only realistic vehicle with which we can save Virginia from the destructive tyranny of the radical and totalitarian ideologies of the Left that have seized control of the Democrat Party and its appendages.

To this end, TVP is focused on the logistics of GOP candidates winning elections. Our core function is a non-ideological business process algorithm to improve performance of Republican unit committees, campaigns, supporters, and sympathetic movements.


Assessing 2021

In 2021, we spent the most time on three things: election integrity; candidate recruitment for the House of Delegates; and supporting citizens pushing back against destructive Democrat policies.

Our election integrity effort began days after the 2020 election. Although there was great effort made to that end, were unable to obtain the combination of candidate willingness and concrete in-hand evidence to mount legal challenges in Congressional races. This effort was not for naught, as it became the genesis of a more thorough investigation of election integrity in Virginia. As a result of what we learned, we set forth in 2021 with a strategy to mitigate integrity risks, which included encouraging early voting, culling bad entries from voter rolls, and flooding the zone with well-trained observers. This strategy was soon adopted by the Republican Pary of Virginia (RPV), at which point the Republican National Committee (RNC) stepped in and funded a massive expansion of the RPV's program. The end result was a mostly incident-free 2021 election, and verifiable evidence that it was the most transparent and legitimate election Virginia has seen in some time. We stopped any attempt to steal our victory, through deterrence and rapid resolution of exploitable process issues.

TVP's candidate recruitment push started in February, at which point there slated to be only 70 GOP candidates for 100 House of Delegates seats. Through use of our 2021 Election Tracker and relentless communication with GOP leaders throughout the state, we raised the number of GOP nominees to 99 - an all time record with no close second. There is strong evidence that running in all districts was decisive in determining control of the Virginia House of Delegates. In doing so, we effectively restored the right to vote for Delegate to over 20% of the state - we gave the people a choice that, in some places, they never had before. It is also likely that having dozens of additional local campaigns helped pull the votes that put our statewide candidates over the top; even the losing campaigns played a part in the party's victory.

In March, we got dragged into a culture war in Loudoun, when our Critical Race Theory presentation sparked a leftist furor, leading to our exposure of the Loudoun anti-parent enemies' list scandal and the cascading events that continue to flow to this day (and we can expect, for quite some time into the future). We fought back, we did so decisively and with conviction, we provided cover to the parent groups also fighting the same enemy. It is through our fight that Critical Race Theory became a demoralizing national debacle for Democrats. When we look back on this in 10-20 years, our stand may very well have been the moment when the advance of Cultural Marxism in the United States was stopped.

Given the election results and changes to the political environment as a result of our operations in the 2021 cycle, even the most humble assessment would have to declare this cycle to have been a great success.


A Massive Shift of Terrain

The outcome of the 2021 election was nothing short of a political earthquake. Well over a month later we are still processing all the implications, but come mid-January the GOP will control everything at the state level other than the State Senate. This means that there is a viable channel through which to pursue virtually any valid policy end. After the two-year nightmare of unified Democrat control, and all the waking up to the hard and uncomfortable realities of the threat that woke, radical Left poses to each and every one of us, we can expect the actions to roll in hot and heavy and not let up - there is too much to do to let it be left undone, too much wrongness that needs to be cleaned up to have the luxury of being idle.

Looking at the new leadership, we are very confident that we have the right people in place to get the job done. Our new Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and Speaker of the House of Delegates are all responsive to the will of the people, and are possessed of clear-eyed understanding of the seriousness of the challenges ahead of us, and the urgency of that mission. Having all these new channels for redress of grievances now open is an embarrassment of plenty.

For the Virginia Project as well, the terrain has shifted markedly. No longer just a hypothesis, our network model of political organization has proven its effectiveness, and its fruits - such as our election integrity program, and our party-building methods - are now in demand in many other states.

Many things should get easier moving forward. It will be easier to build party units with this success (after many years of sad, cascading failures) to their credit - the sale has become much easier, and should continue to do so as the new GOP administration takes care of business.

The political approach of strident anti-radicalism has also validated its worth. Trying to appease or compromise with ideologically crazed extremists has never worked; excluding them brings the seriousness of any conversation to a much higher level, one that can attract the vast majority of reasonable people far better than the Left's gutter-level politics of calling everyone a racist. As long as the Democrats stick with the crazies, this approach is a hard counter to their main strategy of concocting divisive falsehoods to set the people against each other.


Looking Ahead 2022 and 2023

Because we are a state-only PAC, we cannot get directly involved in federal campaigns. Thus, in 2022 we are refocusing on our core function of party building. A stronger party is necessary because the GOP is still far, far behind the VA Democrats organizationally and financially; we cannot depend on a "wave" election every cycle. For the long-term prevention of Democrat control, RPV must be built up robustly, at least to the point where it is the equal in capability of its counterpart, at which point the natural Republican lean of the state will dominate future outcomes. Strengthening these institutions is within our rightful scope of action, and it will have a lasting second-order effect that should positively impact 2022 outcomes.

Likewise, even as election integrity for 2021 is still wrapping up, election integrity for 2022 begins.

A court-ordered House of Delegates redistricting election is still possible, though that possibility diminishes by the day. If it happens, we will roll out the same tools we used to win this year. Otherwise we may take a look at some key local races as circumstances may warrant.

On the state level, it is not too early for some to start preparing for the 2023 cycle, in which we will win back the State Senate and expand our margins in the House of Delegates. There will be 140 state-level races on our plate in 2023 and it is expected to be the most intense cycle to date for our organization due to the volume of races specific to our scope. A repeat of 2021's historic candidate recruitment process, enhanced by all learned in the experience, will achieve 140 GOP candidates for those 140 races.


It Begins Anew

A new cycle has begun. For the rest of 2021, rest, enjoy life - you earned it, and you'll be thankful you did. When the calendar turns to 2022 we will call again for your aid.

The beginning of the political cycle is the best time to invest in party-building. To that end we will be exhorting your participation and engagement on GOP committees and in GOP conventions - if you want to make a change, if you want to support the movement, if you want to end the threat that Democrats pose to you and all you love - that's where it all starts.

During this cycle we will also be redoubling effort into our technology plans, which we believe, if realized, will significantly alter the technological balance of power in the RPV's favor.

The full implementation of our plans for the next cycle is an ambitious task. While our growth to date has been explosive, we're still not where we need to be to reliably execute on operations of this scale. To make it happen we will need to raise a significant amount of funds; the historic victory of 2021 and dramatic increase of interest in copying our methods should go a long way towards helping us get there.

The Virginia Project is set upon a historic course to restore the Commonwealth and reinvigorate the guardians that stand vigilant to secure the liberty of the people. We ask you to join our quest and do all you can to ensure its success.


David Gordon, Director
Lance Allen, Chairman