"Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the rest is in the hands of God."

— George Washington

The Short Term: Evaluation, Triage & Recruitment

I am not a member of any organized political party - I'm a Virginia Republican

Facing Grim Realities

The Republican Party got routed in the 2019 Virginia election. The next cycle has already begun: the Democrats have already gotten started.

In Virginia, the GOP has a number of longstanding issues that have remained unresolved to the detriment of the party and of the state. The party is not unified; its morale is in the toilet and worsens with each successive loss. Its claim to be a statewide party is now tenuous, having voluntarily abandoned a quarter of the state. Its communication with those who would help the cause is grossly insufficient and has failed to utilize modern technology. Basic, politics 101, on-the-ground (and on-the-net) fundamentals, even duties as simple as putting a candidate on the ballot, are not being executed effectively in too many areas of the state.

In contrast, Republicans in Virginia face an opposition Democratic Party which is growing its ranks, has a modern, effective, integrated, political organization, coordinates strategy on the statewide level, leaves few seats unchallenged, has a presence even in its weakest jurisdictions, and is executing turnout like professionals.

It should have come as a surprise to no one to find that the GOP is outmatched in this contest.

2020 The First Challenge

The Virginia GOP no longer has the luxury of extended rest and reflection. It no longer has power in the government, the Democrats will run rampant as they have given clear notice they intend. It has merely four of eleven of the state's seats in Congress, neither Senate seat, not a single statewide office, and handed its electoral votes to the wrong party by a large margin in the last cycle... and the next election is less than a year away.

If the GOP continues to behave as it has, it is perfectly reasonable to expect that the outcome will be yet another confirmation of Democratic dominance of the state. It will embolden the Governor and the legislature to become even more aggressive and radical. Let to continue, this is checkmate. Virginia becomes New Jersey 2.0.

On the other hand, if Republicans organize, become aggressive, and outwork the Democrats, this could be an opportunity to deliver a huge blow. With the corruption scandals to hit the Democrats all year long providing ample opportunity, if we meet that opportunity with preparation, then goals like taking back our Senate seat, delivering our electoral votes to the GOP, and walking out of 2020 with eight - dare I dream more? - seats in Congress, these futures become possible.

We will start by adopting a new attitude: Democrats get nothing for free.

If the Democrats are going to hold power in Virginia, we are going to make them fight for every inch of ground; but for lack of organization and a winning attitude by Republicans, the Democrats cannot hold onto it.