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Get Involved

Fill Party Roles

The most important thing you can do right now as a citizen of Virginia is to make sure your own district has a district chairman, and likewise make sure that your precinct has a precinct captain. If either of these roles is vacant, you are needed to step up and do the work. Hard work breeds success and this is the most basic of political fundamentals, executing on the ground.

Please see our Objectives:Vacancies page to see what you can do. If you do not see something appropriate listed, it may be because our research has not yet covered your area. It's coming soon so please pay attention to status updates on this objective.

County and District Convention Attendance

One thing that every registered voter in Virginia can do is become a delegate to your County and Congressional District conventions.

Because of low public participation levels, all you have to do to be a delegate is sign up, and show up. Each convention is a one-day commitment.

The value of getting together as many Republicans as possible in one place to talk to each other, exchange ideas, and to sort out differences of opinion as human beings instead of members of factions comes with considerable bonuses to productivity and morale. Get involved, and get everyone you know involved. We are fighting a political war here and need everyone to cooperate on winning it.

You can find information about these conventions our County-level unit Conventions Tracker.

Scouts and Reporters Needed

We need volunteers to scout and report on each and every GOP unit throughout the state. We want to account for all of them to make sure we are leaving no one behind.

Most important in the short term is to scout out areas where the GOP is weak or not present.

The particular present objectives are to activate any idle GOP units throughout the state and to fill all party vacancies on executive committees and precinct captains.

Skills and Labor Needed

We need volunteers with time on their hands to collect election data for processing. There are election resources to work with.

We need people to go out and promote this project by making others who may have interest aware of its existence.

We have need of particular skills in legal support, accounting, information technology, communications, marketing, design, and all skills relating to campaigning and party organization.

We would also like individuals to write about their experience with the GOP this cycle, the good bad and ugly, for publication to the state party audience.

Unit Cooperation

If you already work with an existing GOP unit in Virginia, your assistance and cooperation would be welcome and mutually beneficial.

The Virginia Project does not seek to duplicate or replace the functions of any existing unit. There is no time to spend on redundancy. We are here to fill the gaps in the lines, apply pressure on the Democrats on all fronts, and support GOP units and campaigns.

Please contact us if you can offer advice or need assistance. We are open to all the help we can get.


The Virginia Project will be executed whether or not anyone provides a single dime.

However, the reality is that every dollar will speed up the process. In order to hit our party development targets in time for the next election cycle, we could really use your help.