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"Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair; the rest is in the hands of God."

— George Washington


Voluntary political activism is the lifeblood of any political movement or party.

Volunteer for the Virginia Project

Sign up to be a volunteer for us, party units, campaigns, or other GOP-aligned organizations here!


We have limitless need for researchers who will help to populate and do quality assurance on our research database. See our Party Operations Portal here.

Information and Communications Technology

We're looking for people with particular skills in information technology - web development, mobile app, networking, tech support - to develop and support our systems.

Content Creators

Promotion, marketing, and messaging effectively is key to making the most out of organizational efforts. If you are a creator of content that is relevant to the Virginia Project's mission, and are interested in making that content available to Republicans in the state, contact us.

Legal Support

Fighting effectively in the political arena in 2020 requires effective legal support to enforce the rights of Republican activists and regular citizens. If you are a lawyer willing to give some of your time to defending Republican activism in Virginia, please join forces with us. The Democrats already have this and Republicans need this too.

Volunteering for Campaigns

For 2021, there are 3 statewide races (Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General), and 100 races for the House of Delegates (state representatives). Please see our 2021 Election Tracker to contact those candidates and campaigns in order to volunteer for your local campaign.

Volunteering for Party Units

Local Politicking

Activism in the Republican Party of Virginia is done at the local level, through county and city party units. Each unit will generally work on the campaign or campaigns local to that area, although in some cases and for some activities (such as phone banking) some units will also act in support of other units in a different place.

The default place to start is your local unit committee, which you can find on our County/City Unit index. Contact your local unit and ask how you can help spread the word.

Fill Party Roles

The most important thing you can do right now as a citizen of Virginia is to make sure your own district has a district chairman, and likewise make sure that your precinct has a precinct captain. If either of these roles is vacant, you are needed to step up and do the work. Hard work breeds success and this is the most basic of political fundamentals, executing on the ground. These two positions being universally covered through all districts and precincts will allow the party to act with the level of detail and thoroughness necessary to win the state.

County and District Convention Attendance

One thing that every registered voter in Virginia can do is become a delegate to your County and Congressional District conventions.

Because of low public participation levels, all you generally have to do to be a delegate is sign up, and show up. Each convention is a one-day commitment.

The value of getting together as many Republicans as possible in one place to talk to each other, exchange ideas, and to sort out differences of opinion as human beings instead of members of factions comes with considerable bonuses to productivity and morale. Get involved, and get everyone you know involved. We are fighting a political war here and need everyone to cooperate on winning it.

The 2021 convention season is complete. The next convention season will start in 2022, and can start as early as January (but usually not until March).